Sensory Journey

Holistic Facials

45 min/$80

A Chinese facial practice using a gentle glide and slight pull on the face with a flat jade stone to relieve muscle tension in the face, jaw or neck while naturally diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Stimulating the lymphatic system, toning muscles and tightening the skin are not the only benefits as it also deeply calms the nervous system. This ancient practice is a quiet, peaceful practice promoting skin healing benefits and a relaxed, centered spirit.

Perfect for: non-acneic skin, first facial, sensitive skin, natural firming and lifting, day of special event, relaxation, facial tension, hands on- no tech.

45 min/$95

Experience a truly natural facial using Vodder Techniques for lymphatic drainage & massage for the face complicated by using Eminence Organics Certified Organic Skincare Products. Promotes circulation and stimulate your own production of collagen and elastin as it restores a natural, healthy glow. Complete with the perfect combination of skincare to leave you and your skin feeling calm and restored.

Perfect for: teen facial, sensitive skin, puffiness, first facial, all skin types, acne, pigmentation, relaxation, facial tension, day of event, hands on- no tech.

45 min/$80

Energize and oxygenate skin using vibration! Vibration is used to increase your natural tissue circulation, which releases stagnant fluid under the skin while increasing the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrition to the skin. Vibration waves penetrate deeper, bringing benefits such as de-puffing under eyes, releasing tight muscles and a plumping effect to the skin. Enjoy with Eminence Organics certified organic skincare products as part of this holistic, rejuvenating facial!

Perfect For: teen facial, first facial, all skin types, sensitive skin, puffiness, day of event, relaxation, facial tension