Skincare Theology

Skincare to suit the way you do life!


Food for the skin

Choosing the right product for your skin adds essential ingredients back into the skin, helping to strengthen and nurture skin. Using products that are naturally derived, scientifically sound with intelligent ingredients in the treatments, as well as at home, is the main step in addressing all skincare needs for the face and body. At home care is truly where you will maintain your skin’s best health making it equally important as treatments.


“Not a luxury, but essential for staying healthy”

Routine facials and massages are important in helping you feel and look your best. Many factors contribute in the aging of the skin and body – facials and massages help combat these extrinsic factors, changing the way you look and feel.


Creating safe, effective results

Using advanced technology such as LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent, Diamond Microdermabrasion or Oxygen take your facial to the next level for a truly results-driven approach. Incorporating non-surgical, non-invasive technology in a skincare treatment is a wonderful way to enhance a facial for longer lasting results.


“Way of life effects the body“

It is important to understand the role your lifestyle plays in the health of your skin and body. When we are out of balance, it shows through our skin and how our body performs.


“Making educated decisions“

Our skin is the largest barrier against infection we have. Keeping the integrity of the skin is important for our health overall, making it important to learn how to best care for your skin.