NEW at Doceō Skincare & Lymphatic: Celluma (LED) Light Therapy


What is Light Therapy?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy is the application of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. The energy is used to improve cellular performance. Phototherapy is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and has a variety of applications across many medical fields. Research has shown that phototherapy can: increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, decrease wrinkles, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone and wrinkles, texture and clarity, ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm and arthritis and kill acne bacteria, and much more.

How Does Light Energy work?

Specific wavelengths of light energy, when properly absorbed, up-regulates compromised cells. The light (photons) energy is absorbed by photoacceptors in the mitochondria and used to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The ATP produced then stimulates various metabolic processes which can result in the repair and regeneration of cell and tissue components. In an article, “Therapeutic Light” – by Chukuku S. Enwemeka, PT, PhD, FACSM, he wrote “other reported mechanisms of light-induced beneficial effects include modulation of prostaglandin levels, alteration of somatosensory evoked potential and nerve conduction velocity, and hyperemia of treated tissues. The resultant clinical benefits include pain relief in conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, ankle sprain, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction, shoulder and neck pain, arthritis, and post-herpetic neuralgia, as well as tissue repair in cases of diabetic ulcer, venous ulcer, mouth ulcer, fractures, tendon rupture, ligamentous, tear, torn cartilage, and nerve injury.”

What is Celluma?

Celluma is unique and quite unlike any other low-level light therapy device available today. Based on NASA research, Celluma delivers blue, red and near-infrared light energy simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions. Each wavelength is absorbed by different molecules that act as a signaling mechanism for different cellular processes. For example, some reduce inflammation and some kill bacteria, while others enhance localized circulation.  

How are we Using Light Therapy at Doceō Skincare & Lymphatic?

Incorporating Light Therapy into our treatment plans is seamless and the results are endless! 

For our Facial clients, we are using it across the board to enhance your experience and results whether your session is to address acne, brightening, anti-aging or deep skin cellular healing: 

*Celluma Blue Light Therapy is a used in our Clear Skin Detox Facial to stop the bacteria causing acne. By decreasing healing time with acne breakouts, clients are seeing healthier skin, less dramatic breakouts and fewer breakouts over time.

*Celluma Red Light Therapy is used in our Brightening Facial to work below the skin’s surface, repairing on a cellular level to lighten the new skin which is part of the skin cell turnover process – lightening age spots, sun damaged skin and creating a brightened skin texture overall.

*Celluma Near-Infrared Red Therapy is used in our NEW Lymphatic & LED Light Therapy Facial! This unique facial is detoxing and healing on the inside, producing amazing results for skin conditions. The deepest penetration for cellular repair is happening with our Near-Infrared Red capabilities providing symptom relief of rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and facial swelling.  

*we also offer LED Light Therapy as an add-on to all our facials to ensure you receive the treatments you desire

For our Lymphatic clients, Near-Infrared Light Therapy is here for you to bring your body the light it needs to function better, putting you on the path to better health and healing inside the body and out. LED Light Therapy can be added on to any MLD session for: post op recovery, autoimmune symptoms, muscle tightness/joint stiffness and overall health & wellness of the body.

We are so excited to be able to offer this to you! We want you all to reach your goals with your skincare health and lymphatic health and we believe adding this to our services and menu is just another way to help you more the needle forward!

Relax & Enjoy!


*Celluma is not FDA-cleared for wound healing

Award Winning  FDA Cleared  Medical CE Mark