Breathwork and the Lymphatic System

Breathwork and the lymphatic system healing aspects! How can the simple practice of diaphragmatic breathing help your lymphatic system? Many ways! 

First, the breathwork aids in digestion, going to the bathroom (constipation) and engages the parasympathetic system of the central nervous system. Everyone has heard of the body’s “fight or flight” response. The parasympathetic system control’s the body’s ability to relax… it is what we call the “rest and digest” state. This is where we want to be as it’s the state where the body can recover mentally and physically, which bring us to the lymphatic system.

This very breath work pumps the lymph nodes down around and or in the organs. When these lymph nodes clear, it allows the space needed for the lymphatic fluid in the body to move (pull) throughout the body.

How to practice diaphragmatic breathwork to engage the lymphatic system

Have you ever watched a baby as it sleeps to see his/her tummy rise and fall? This is what we are looking for with practicing diaphragmatic breathing. Somewhere in life we change and become “chest breathers” vs deep belly breaths.

So, this is what you will do:

*Lie on your back, knees bent with feet flat on the floor/bed. Place your hand over your belly button (this is so you can feel your belly expand, making sure you are doing the breathing correctly).

*Inhale through your nose – filling your “belly” with air. Allow the air to enter completely, filling your lungs.

*Exhale through your mouth while slightly pressing down on your belly. You are not pressing all the way down, it is a slight “pump” as you think of pumping your lymph nodes. Allow your breath to empty completely, deflating your belly.

*Repeat 9 times. 

*Practice daily!

Be sure to breath normally, not slowing your breath down. Also, make sure during breathing your chest does not move, meaning air is going to the belly.