Thank you for visiting my site and journal! I’ve worked hard to get where I am today, but it has definitely been worth it! I hold tight to many core beliefs and doing so has done well for me. One is my very passion for what I do – bodywork and skincare. I enjoy using my knowledge and skill set to educate and help others. In a world full of taking, it feels good to be able to give… to restore.

I absolutely love massage. It is not only important for the body, but also the face. Did you know you have 43 muscles in your face alone? Yes! You do! Facial massage not only feels amazing, but it benefits your entire being. Facial massage tones and tightens muscles while also stimulating the lymphatic systems, carrying toxins that may be stored around your face and rids them. Facial massage is effective in relaxing the tension you carry in your face. It helps restore the natural rhythm of the breath, calming the central nervous system. It’s absolutely amazing how the body was created with all it’s natural tendencies to keep us healthy and well. Sometimes it just needs a gentle hand to help it along.

That’s just for the face, what about the whole body? Bodywork is important not just in relieving muscle tension throughout the body, but it aids the lymphatic system, the central nervous system, the breath/respiratory system and the health and appearance of skin. These are just a few of the many benefits of bodywork/massage. I love being able to “fix” people when they get on my table with the many ways our bodies ail us. An effective massage goes a long way!

Is it time for you to get a facial or a massage? 

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